Three ReviewLink Problems

Hi -

I was trying to use the various help options available in ReviewLink and encountered two issues with that.

First, the link to the Information Center doesn't work (see image below):

Next, if a reviewer (who could be a client or someone else not really involved with eLB stuff) wants to use the Reviewer Video to learn more about how to use ReviewLink, they shouldn't have to first create an account in the eLB Community, as shown below!

Also, I found an issue unrelated to reviewing.... I wanted to see what my Account Settings were, so I went in and looked at them, but didn't change anything. However, when I tried to close out (using the Close button or the X button), I got the message shown below. There was no way to close out without telling it to go ahead and save the changes! So, first, it was confusing, since, to my knowledge, I hadn't made any changes and, second, if I had made changes but changed my mind about them, I should be able to close without saving them!

Hoping you can fix these problems in future releases!

Discussion (1)

@tecocat I am able to recreate the issue with the Help and will open a ticket on that. thanks for bringing it to our attention.

I am not seeing the issue with the account settings though, mine just close.