Testing for Doneness in Hangman

And no, sticking a toothpick in it to see if it comes out clean won't work! :p

Seriously though, here's my issue... I'm using the Lectora library game Hangman in my e-course and I'd like to be able to prevent learners from leaving the page until they have completed the game (at least the first time they get to this page). When I create games from scratch, it's easy for me to build in that "Special Next" functionality, but I can't figure out a way to test the Hangman game to see if the learner has completed it. I was able to find the Flash variables associated with that game, but they only include "score" and "percentage," both of which just report the number/percentage of correct answes. What I need is something like the "result" variable in Tic Tac Toe, which starts out as 0, then changes to 1 or -1, depending on whether the learner won or lost the game or the "result" variable in the Reveal game, which signifies whether all questions have been answered.

So, without a "result" Flash variable in Hangman, can anyone think of a clever way for me to test my Hangman game to see if the learner has reached the end? For example, is there any way to reference and use any of the game parameters?

Unfortunately, this e-course needs to be completed by tomorrow, so any quick answers would be especially appreciated!


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