"All of the Above"

I was user-testing a course today in which I had a multiple-answer multiple-choice question that had four choices in it, the last of which being "All of the above." Two of my user testers selected all of the choices, including the "All of the above" choice, and, of course, got a message that their answer was incorrect (because they hadn't deselected the other choices). Although what they did was kinda...ummm..."non-standard," it wasn't, strictly speaking, wrong. I've worked around it by changing the feedback to test for that kind of answer and include it as a correct one, but it made me think that a nice enhancement would be the option of, when setting up a multiple-answer multiple-choice question, specifying that you want an "All of the above" choice and that, when the user picks that choice, the other checkboxes are automatically deselected. (I've seen that functionality on many on-line surveys I've taken.)

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