Problem with New Window Name

I have a practice exercise that consists of three paragraphs containing several drop-down MC questions which the user needs to answer before clicking the Check Me button. After several tries, if a user is unsuccessful at answering them all correctly, a Give Up button appears. When the user clicks on the Give Up button, a smaller window pops up in front showing a reduced-size version of the paragraphs with the correct answers selected and highlighted, so they can compare them to what they had selected.To do this, I created a "non-linear" page with an image of the correct answers and put an action on the Give Up button to show this page in a new window of a specified dimension and without any toolbars, scrollbars, etc.So, here's the problem I'm having... Although I specified a name for the pop-up window ("Practice Activity 8 Answers") in the Window Name field of the Window Properties dialog box within the Goto action, the title bar for the pop-up window insists on displaying the name of the non-linear page itself ("PEx8Answers") instead!Now, obviously, I could just rename the page itself to what I want it to show in the pop-up box's title bar, but I prefer to keep my page names shorter than that to keep the tree easier to use during authoring. And shouldn't the specified Window Name property take precedence anyway??Any thoughts?LauraP.S. In case it helps, I'm using Lectora 2008, publishing to CourseMill 2.0 (although the same thing happens when I publish to HTML), and viewing in IE6.Edited By: Tecocat on 2008-11-16 15:8:45

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