Please Save Library Images with "Transparent" Backgrounds as PNGs NOT JPGs!

I was so excited to see that some of your images were built to have transparent areas, like the image in the link below. However, when I went to download one, I noticed that the only non-EPS options were all JPGs, which doesn't preserve the transparency. ?‍♀️

I can't work with EPS files (I do a lot of my image editing in PowerPoint, which is MUCH easier than trying to work with, say, Illustrator, which I don't have room for on my laptop's hard drive anyway) and it would be so easy for you to just offer those files as PNGs, instead of JPGs. Instead, I ended up spending well over an hour manually removing the checkered background using the Background Removal tool in PowerPoint, which resulted in a somewhat rough looking image when done (and forced me to give up some of the finer lines, like the bottoms of some of the icicles). All this because you converted and stored these as the wrong file type! ?

Here's the image I was working with:

Please consider going through your asset library and re-saving the non-EPS files for images with transparent areas as PNGs instead of JPGs! ?

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Workaround that you shouldn't need: you can find several online converters (e. g. Cloudconvert) that will take EPS and return either a PowerPoint-compatible vector or a PNG.

Hmm ... the absurdly useful, free PhotoPea can do it, seemingly.

Thanks, @CarlJFink, but, as you said, a workaround that shouldn't be needed. Also, IIRC, EPS files are quite large and my disk space is at a premium right now (although I suppose that, once I converted file to PNG, I could delete the EPS file). Also, unfortunately, we're not allowed to install unapproved software, and particularly freeware, on our work computers. ?

Hopefully, eLB will hear my plea and save images with transparencies as PNGs to begin with, instead of JPGs, and make conversion unnecessary! But I appreciate your taking the time to reply! :smile:

EPS files are in general much smaller than the corresponding PNG. PhotoPea and CloudConvert are web services, which I mentioned specifically because you would not need to install any software, which I also can't do without corporate approval.

ETA: given that EPS support was removed from MS PowerPoint because of security concerns, perhaps ELB should be distributing vectors as some other format, say the industry-standard SVG.

EPS files are in general much smaller than the corresponding PNG. .

Just to be clear, I was talking about replacing the JPGs with PNGs, not replacing the EPS file, which I know could be of interest to more professional image editors.

I'll have to see whether those web services are blocked at my company, which frequently blocks any sites that allow for file uploads. Thanks, though, for the lead! :)