Please Fix Action Pane to Make Conditions Column Visible!

I was trying to use the Action Pane the other day, because I wanted to see the conditions associated with each of the actions on a particular page in once glance (ideally to print out, so I could use that when fixing actions doing similar stuff on an object on another page).

However, the column that I assume to be the Conditions column, is too narrow (the header just says "Co...," as you can see in the image below) so I can't see what any of the conditions are! The next column, which has the delete button on it, is way wider than it needs to be, so all I think I really need to be able to do is to widen the Conditions column to the right; however, I can't find any way to do that myself! (When I mouse over the column divider, I don't get any way to click and drag it.) Can you please fix the Action Pane to either make it possible to adjust the column widths, or at least make the Conditions column wide enough to be able to see the conditions info in it?