PLEASE Do NOT Post Requests for Help in This Forum!

Hi, folks -

This Tips and Tricks forum is meant to be used as a place for people to share with others tips/tricks that they've found/figured out. If you want to post a message asking for help in using Lectora, then the General Lectora Discussion forum is the best place to post your message. (If you have questions about using CourseMill, then use the General CourseMill Discussion forum, instead.)

It's frustrating having to sift through a gazillion off-topic request-for-help posts to try and find the nifty new tips and tricks that people have taken the time to post here. I strongly believe in the value of having a forum for asking for, and receiving, help with a Lectora problem (which is why I do my best to help people who post questions on the General Discussion forum as much as my time allows), but this is not the place to make that request. I believe that, at some point, there will be a moderator to move mis-placed posts to the appropriate forums, but, until then, please be more conscious of whether you're posting your message in the appropriate forum.

Thanks, in advance, for your cooperation!


Discussions have been disabled for this post