Modifying Hangman Game Content

I'm really embarrassed to be asking this, but....

I created a Hangman game (using the one from the Stock Library) eons ago for one of my e-courses. Some info in the e-course has changed, so now I need to change a couple of the Hangman questions/answers to reflect the new info, but I can't figure out how to get into it to modify it! Can anyone tell me how to do that?

(I'm sure I'm going to say "D'oh!" when I see the answer, but I'm willing to look stupid if it means I can get some help figuring this out...)

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To edit the hangman flash object you'll need to select it from the Title Explorer then go to it's properties. There will be an edit button (green pencil) next to the animation name field. Select it and the wizard will open and you can make in changes from within the window.


P.S. I had to log into Chrome to find the thumbs up icon (the one next to "Score) doesn't appear in IE 11. Can one of your website folks look into this?

Thank you!!! I just assumed that the green pencil was for editing the file name, not the actual file itself. I don't feel as stupid as I thought I was going to, because I'm not sure this is a intuitive as it could be. Nonetheless, I'm very grateful to you for answering this for me and for doing that so quickly! <3

I'll pass that along and see what we can find out.

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