Missing Files in Zip?

Okay, here's a puzzler... I just "discovered" the nice built-in export to zip feature (I like to zip everything when I'm done working for the day so I can back the zipped copy up to the network). Seemed easier/faster than the way I was zipping files before, but here's the curious thing -- when I use this feature, the file count in the zip file is smaller than the file count of the contents of my title's folders and subfolders (images, media, etc.). Although there are 93 files and 3 folders in that path, the zip file that I create through Lectora only contains "86 files/folders." I don't have the time or patience to go through and try to compare what's in the zip with what's on my drive to see what's missing, but I sure would like to know what Lectora is doing and what files it's not including in the zip! When I use Winzip, I end up with "97 files/folders," which I'm guessing are the 93 files plus the 3 folders plus some other mysterious thing (a "folder" for the top level files?).Anyway...just wondering if anyone knows what's going on here, because, until I know what's missing and why, I don't think I'm going to rely on Lectora's built-in export to zip feature!

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