Is it Time to Upgrade Now?

Hi, all -

I've been putting off upgrading to Lectora 12 because I kept reading about all of the bugs, etc., going on and I haven't had an absolute pressing need to upgrade. However, I would like to upgrade at some point (to take advantage of new features, etc.), but I don't want to end up the worse for it. Normally, I would just install 12 in addition to keeping 11 (I've usually kept two different versions installed), but I think I remember reading that you can't (or shouldn't) do that with 12 and 11.

So, what do y'all recommend? Should I go ahead and upgrade or should I wait? Has anyone played around with having both 11 and 12 installed at the same time? If so, any problems?

Thanks, in advance, for any help! :)


P.S. I'm having a lot of problems typing in the message box...many of keystrokes aren't registering as I type. (I had to just type up this message in Notepad and copy it in!) Is anyone else experiencing this? I'm using IE 11, if that makes a difference...

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I think the best approac would be to just download Lectora 12 trial, install it in parallel with Lectora 11 (different folder or better yet different machine), open a few old courses, publish those, view them in as many browsers as required (from IE8 to iPads) and then decide. Some people report buttons go missing and what not, whereas I had no problems opening and publishing some older courses when I tried Lectora 12 during beta.

I agree with ssneg - I know it is not advised, but I always take the new version in tandem with the old version. I have 11 and 12 on my computer...thankfully, I did not get rid of 11, as I still need features that are only available in 11.

One word of advice - I always have to be extremely careful when opening up modules - if I open an 11 course in is now a 12 course and is "ruined". So I just remember that extra step - and don't let anyone else open a course on my computer!!! :)

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