Improving the Help Utility

The Help utility (what you get to when you choose Help, Contents from the menu bar) is in serious need of improvement functionality-wise (it could also use some improvement content-wise, but we'll save that for another day). There is a complete and utter lack of descriptivity (did I just invent a new word?) in the search results for both the Search and Index tabs.For example, on the Search tab, I typed in the search term "variable," and I get a set of 61 search results, all with exactly identical "Lectora Information Center" titles and locations! How would I know what each one is without clicking on all of them? It's not much better on the Index tab (maybe worse). First, I get a choice between "variable" and "Variable" (maybe I'm being dense, but I'm not sure what the connotative difference is between the lower-case "v" and the upper-case "V"). Then, when I click on the first choice ("variable"), I get a dialog box with a similar search results table showing "Lectora Information Center" in all of the rows of both the Title and Location columns!Am I missing something here? How is this supposed to be helpful? Can this be fixed so that the search results are more descriptive? Is anyone else frustrated by this?LauraP.S. I wanted to include images of these things in this post, but there doesn't seem to be any way to upload them. I know you can include image links, but how would I get my images out into cyberspace to link to them?Edited By: Tecocat on 2008-10-22 16:8:17

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