Hidden Randomness?

Hi, all -I'm working with a Lectora course created by someone else and I'm getting an unexplainable (by me, at least) fatal error during the pubishing error-check phase. The test pages have, in a addition to Next and Previous buttons, buttons for Exit and Menu. The error complains that "Only Prev Page/Next Page actions are valid within a test/test section in random mode." I understand that getting rid of the Exit and Menu buttons fixes this error, but, what makes this error confusing to me, is that I don't think the test in random mode (at least that I can see). Is there anywhere that I should be looking to check a test's "randomness" besides the "Random Selection of Pages" checkbox on the Content tab of the Test Properties dialog box (which is unchecked for in this course)?TIA for any help in understanding why Lectora thinks this test is in random mode...LauraP.S. I'm using Lectora 2007, although the course was originally created in Lectora 2006, if that makes any difference...Edited By: Tecocat on 2007-10-27 11:17:30

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