Finding Images and/or Variables?

Is there a way to find out where a particular image file is used in a title? For example, say I have a graphic called wombat.gif -- is there any way to find out on what page, and for what object, wombat.gif is being used? (Here's a real-life application....When I started up my project today, Lectora told me that a graphic file was missing and I think I replaced it with the appropriate backup copy, but, if I could go right to the page where that graphic appears, I could easily see if it looks right.)Same question with there any way to find out which actions use a particular variable throughout a title? (For example, today I wanted to rename a variable and I needed to find all of the actions that referred to that variable so I could change it to the new name, so such a feature would have made things much easier than looking through all the actions on the page.)If they don't already exist, I think these search features would be a great idea for a future enhancement!Laura

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