Closing Window without Exiting Title?

Is there any way to create an action that would close a window without exiting the topic? I have some pop-up windows in my title (generated by bringing up a non-linear page in a new window) and, occasionally, I find that a learner will go back to the main course window through the task bar, rather than closing the pop-up window, as most folks do. Because later pop-ups just re-use that second open window, this causes a problem when the first pop-up has a defined size and is not resizeable but a later pop-up requires a bigger window.There's nowhere convenient for me to tell the learner to close the window when done, so, if possible, I'd prefer to have the open window eventually just "time out" and close itself. But, needless to say, I don't want that to shut down the whole title!Any ideas out there? Would some kind of javascript code allow me to do this, for example?

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