Changing Status of a Feedback Item without Notifying Reviewer?

Is there a way to change the status of a feedback comment in ReviewLink without the person who left that feedback getting notification of that? I'm unclear as to when the reviewer does/doesn't get notifications and whether the person who published the course can control that. (For example, I might not want a reviewer to know that I'm essentially shelving a piece of feedback they gave me that I'm not planning to act on.)

Also, I found links to really nice manuals for ReviewLink Reviewers and ReviewLink Administrators, but I can't find a link to a similar one for ReviewLink Publishers (which is what I was looking for to answer the question above). Does anyone know if one exists and, if so, how I can get to it?

Thanks for any help! :smile:

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To add on... I can't even seem to be able to change the priority of an item without submitting the form (which sends a notification to the reviewer). I'm really hoping there's a way to update things like status and priority without letting the reviewer know (or bothering them with a bunch of notifications, but without them turning off, or limiting the frequency of notifications, for times when I really DO want them to see a response from me, maybe with a follow-up question!).