BranchTrack and eLearning Brothers Library Not Showing in Lectora 17.1.1?

I just upgraded to Lectora 17.1.1 from an earlier version of Lectora 17. Now, when I click on the Inspire Tools tab and open it opens, the BranchTrack tab appears black with white lines and the eLearning Brothers Library tab is black, as you can see in the two samples in the attachment. (If I then go back to the BranchTrack tab, it's solid black, too. This is a big problem for me because a) I was just about to create a BranchTrack scenario to finish out my course and b) I've already created a game from eLearning Brothers earlier in the course, which I might need to edit, after I send my course out for review and user testing.

Is anyone else having this problem? If so, has anyone found a solution? I'll probably call tech support, but it would be helpful to know whether the problem is just on my end or not.

undefined: If I start a new title, then the BranchTrack and eLearning Brothers tabs show as blank white, instead of blank black.


Discussion (8) that's not the problem....hmmmm.....

Thanks for the quick response, though!

@tymoski Which operating system are you using? I'm working with someone from Trivantis on this and he doesn't have this problem, but he's on Windows 10 and I'm on Windows 7, so we were wondering whether this problem could be related to the OS version and it would be helpful to have that info from another person...

I am on Windows 10.

I am using VPN today. I don't know if that helps.

I am having the same problem too.

Yes - it could, since I, too, work through VPN! Thanks for sharing that extra piece of info!

I am back at work today and it still is black so it is not VPN.

Darn - okay...thanks for the update @tymoski!


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