Better Stability Needed for Lectora 2008

I know I've seen posts about this before from other folks, but I'm not sure if they've been in the Suggestions forum, so I thought I'd add one here....Ever since upgrading to Lectora 2008 (and I've installed all subsequent SPs), I'm finding that Lectora is crashing on me MUCH more often than it used to. I haven't detected a particular pattern yet -- all I know is that, I can expect to have it crash at least a couple of times an hour. (With 2007 and earlier, it might happen at most once a day, if at all.) One of the downsides to this increase in crashes (besides the obvious) is that sometimes I like to try a whole approach to something without saving it, knowing that, if I didn't like the result, I could just close the file without saving it and reopen it to be back to where I was. (Yes, I know I could just make a copy or backup first, but sometimes I'm doing this on the fly, so that's not practical/convenient.) So, after the crash, when autosave asks me if I want to recover as what it had backed up before the crash, I'm stuck with either saying "yes," in which case those experimental changes are now really saved, or "no," in which case I've lost all of the experimental work I was doing.At any rate, even without that issue, I'm finding that the current crash rate really isn't acceptable. Has there been any acknowledgment at Trivantis' end that this is an issue with 2008?Laura

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