Audio Files Won.t Play in HTML

Okay - I'm totally perplexed... I have some screens that have pictures of people on them. When you click on a picture, a small corresponding sound file (.wav) should play (the action is "On Click, Play soundfile"). It works fine in Lectora, but absolutely nothing happens when I try it in the HTML version (either using the "Preview in Browser" button or if I actually publish the course out to HTML). I don't think the problem is with my computer....I can play the .wav file just fine by double-clicking on it in Windows Explorer. Any ideas/suggestions? I've checked everything I can think of, both within the course and other posts in the Community Forum, but I can't find anything that points to a solution for the life of me! In case it helps, I'm using Lectora 2006, Internet Explorer, and Windows XP. (I have Lectora 2007 but just haven't had a chance to install it yet...)TIA!Laura

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