Add Ability to Edit Course Title in ReviewLink

I would love the ability to rename course titles in ReviewLink. For example, today, I republished my course after resizing almost all of my image file sizes. I didn't want to overwrite the old version (so I could compare), so my only option was to let it name it "Course Name (2)." It would have been nice if, either during publishing (in the publishing dialog box) or after publishing (in the course list on my ReviewLink homepage) I could have renamed it in ReviewLink as "Course Name (resized)" or something. I didn't want to rename it in the actual course itself (change the title at the top of the Project Explorer). Being able to rename the course in ReviewLink could also be helpful in terms of renaming versions after the fact, like changing the one I published first to "Course Name (old)," for example, as I try new versions.

I know you probably don't want to encourage folks to have too many versions published out on ReviewLink, for storage/space reasons, so I'd even be okay with your having some kind of limit as to the number of courses you can have on ReviewLink at once (or, better yet, limit the number of different versions of the same course, although that might be harder to program).

I'm thinking that it shouldn't be a huge project to add the renaming functionality into ReviewLink, but maybe I'm mistaken about that?

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Hello @tecocat. Thanks for the suggestion. Hopefully, some other users will chime in and upvote your suggestion.

For anyone finding this post, as @tecocat mentions, when publishing from Lectora Online or Lectora Dekstop, the ReviewLink Publishing options tab does let you "Publish as New Content Item." The content will appear on ReviewLink as new and Lectora automatically adds a number to the name like (2) or (3). This is a common naming convention on Microsoft Windows-based computers. So, you can have multiple versions without renaming the course in Lectora, but you are not able to define the names of the versions, hence this enhancement request from @tecocat.

Thanks again for posting.

I should also add that I discovered that, if you decided to do a version using the "(2)" version, because you wanted to keep the original version (for comparisons or whatever) and then you want to publish again, you can't choose to overwrite the "(2)" version -- you can either overwrite the original version or create a new version.

I do know that you can influence this by renaming the course at the course level in the page explorer, but that's not a good solution, because that name is what shows up on the window's title bar.