Ability to Set Margin in Entry Box

I'd like to be able to set a margin inside an entry box the way that I can with a regular text box.

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I know we have this written up somewhere... it's really becoming essential to making nice looking training. I'll see if I can get the product team to put a priority on it!

Until then here is a workaround ...

If you are on Lectora 17.1.1 or Lectora Online you can do the following to format all your entry fields for your published course. Add a Title level On Show Action that Runs Javascript with this:


That gives you input fields without borders, padding on the left, and rounded edges. You can experiment with the css settings to make it look how you would like. (See attached screenshot)

If your title is a responsive title you will also have to add another action to do the same when a device rotation happens.


Thanks, Joe - I appreciate your prioritizing this and providing a JavaScript workaround!


(Sorry for the delayed response...I did see your response earlier, via email, but have been too overwhelmed with work this past week to even go in and post this message.)

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