Ability to Select Printer When Printing Error Messages

Here's an easy request to fulfill (I think)...

When printing out the error-checking results (like during a publish), I'd like to be able to select a printer, rather than have it just use whatever my default printer is. I'm not at the office today (my work laptop will only print to company printers when I'm logged in via VPN) and I really would have liked to be able to print the error-checking results to a PDF, so I could refer to them as I fixed stuff, rather than just fixing one thing and then having to go through the whole publish again to find the next issue I need to fix. (These are issues that don't come up during the initial error-check, only during the full publishing error checking.)

If the Print button opened a Print dialog box, then I could specify my PDF "printer" and, even if I wanted to print to a real printer, it would let me set options like single- or double-sided printing, etc.

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Hi Laura!

If you select "Setup Printer" in the Error Dialog box, it will allow you to select a printer of your choice.

Hope this helps!



D'oh! How did I miss that?!

Thanks! :)

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