Separate Table of Contents Window

Hi, all! Here's my problem...hoping someone can help.I have a course with a table of contents page in it that the user can access at any time by clicking on the "menu" button. This "page" is actually designed to look more like a just contains the ToC object and some brief instructions on how to use it. When I've used this type of page in the past, I just had a the menu button open the ToC page in the same window and then, when the user clicks on their desired page in the ToC, the window then displays the new page. But this time, I'd like to do something a little different, if possible.What I'd like to do is to have the menu button launch the ToC page in a separate window (no problem getting it to do that), so it looks like a real "pop-up" window. Then, when the user clicks on their choice in the ToC object, I want the ToC page window to close and the original window to go to the page the user selected in the ToC. Is there any way to do this without massive amounts of programming?FYI - I tried putting an "On Click" action on the ToC window to tell it to close, but it doesn't do that - it just navigates to the selected page within the little ToC window (which stays open) and, of course, the original window doesn't change at all. And all of this is happening withing native Lectora...I hate to see what will happen when I publish it to HTML/CourseMill!TIA for any help...LauraEdited By: Tecocat on 2006-5-9 17:13:7

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