"Reset all q's" Option Not 'Sticking'?!

Okay...thanks to Trivantis support tech extraordinaire, Ed. T., I have some updates to my original post...First, the apparent non-"stickiness" of the "All questions on the page" target selection does appear to be a bug in terms of what the Action Properties dialog box displays when you go back into it. However, the action really will reset all the questions on the page, as initially requested, even though the target appears to reset to just one question.As to why my questions were not resetting... It turns out that I had done something that Lectora really shouldn't have let me do -- namely, group my questions. Apparently, questions are considered groups themselves (they are at the "group" level) and, thus, shouldn't be able to be grouped. I had grouped the questions so I could use one action to hide all the questions on the page, which actually worked fine. The problem came when I tried to reset all the questions while they were in a group -- apparently, once you try to do something that actually involves variables like that, having the questions in a group prevents an action like resetting the questions from working. Moral of that story -- don't group questions! The next Lectora release will probably prevent you from being able to do that, but, for now, just try to remember not to do it.As for the other weird thing I posted about all of the radio buttons appearing as selected when I reenter the page and there's no reset questions action... That turned out to be a result of my laziness in creating the dummy test questions. When I was creating them, I didn't feel like typing "real" answers, so I just typed "asdf" for all of the answer choices (i.e., all of the answer choices was the same). So, when the page reloaded and there was no action to reset the questions, it looked to see what the current value of the question variable was (which was "asdf") and then selected the answers that matched that value (which was all of the answers). So, the reason I'd never seen that odd behavior before was that, in a real quiz question, I would never have the same answer repeated like that! However, Ed did say he'd seen other folks have that problem when they created a quiz question, then deleted all the text answers and put images in their place. In deleting the text answers, this made the correct answer equal to blank, and, since all answers were blank, would cause the same all-radio-buttons-selected problem. So, moral of that story - don't delete your text answers (or otherwise have identical answers) on multiple choice questions! (I can think of several workarounds you could use to have images instead of text visible as answers, without actually deleting text answers -- let me know if you want me to share them with you.)Thanks, Greg (Xithis) for your offer to help and another BIG thank you to Ed T. for the time you spent with me on this!Laura

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