Problem with Text Wrap in 2008?

Is anyone else experiencing a problem with the wrapping-text-around-graphic feature in Lectora 2008? I didn't have a problem using it in Lectora 2007, but, when I selected that property in a new course I'm creating in 2008, the text box is acting as if the graphic is really huge -- after the first line of text, it's putting in a ton of blank lines before it shows the next line of text (which can now only be seen by enlarging the text box as tall as it can go).Is anyone else experiencing this problem with 2008? One hunch has just dawned on me...perhaps it's treating this graphic as if it were the original size it was when I imported it, rather than the size it is now, after I scaled it down? So, I guess the question really is, has anyone experienced this problem with wrapping text around a graphic that they've resized?Any insights would be appreciated...if it looks like this is a real bug, I'll report it to Trivantis.LauraUpdate: Okay...It's not an issue of the original size of the graphic -- I'm having the same problem with a graphic that is at its original (small) size.Edited By: Tecocat on 2008-9-24 14:31:26

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