Order-Independent Multi Fill-in-the-Blank

Hi, all! I have a problem that I know how to solve with "brute force" (i.e., using lots of actions and conditions), but I'm wondering if anyone has a more elegant solution...Let's say you need to have a multiple fill-in-the-blank quiz question that asks the learner to "List the five senses." I know how to construct and provide feedback for multiple blanks on a page (I use it all the time in quiz questions that present sentences with two or more "missing words"), but how do I evaluate the results when the responses are order independent? For example, both of these answers:Blank 1 = TasteBlank 2 = TouchBlank 3 = SmellBlank 4 = HearingBlank 5 = SightandBlank 1 = SmellBlank 2 = TasteBlank 3 = SightBlank 4 = TouchBlank 5 = Hearingare equally correct. So I can't test for whether a specific answer is in each blank.I did something like this once quite a while ago, but even with just three items instead of five it was quite complex, using lots of actions and LOTS of conditions on some of the actions and I'm dreading having to go through all that work again if there's a simpler way of doing this.Any suggestions? LauraP.S. Hey, Trivantis - having a question object like this would be a great enhancement for a future release!

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