Has v9a Fixed Your v9 Problems?

I've been hesitant to do the update from Lectora 2008 to Version 9 because of posts I read here from folks who were having problems after the update (things that worked in 2008 but no longer worked right after the update). After speaking with Trivantis tech support today, I just found out that they recently (maybe within the past 2-4 weeks?) released a 9a update, which contained various bug fixes.So, for any of you who were having problems with the initial v9, have you updated to 9a, and, if so, has that fixed your problems? And, for those of you who just upgraded straight from v8 to v9a in the past few weeks, have you experienced any problems with courses that worked fine in v8?Thanks, in advance, for any info about this...I wouldn't want to upgrade and then be saying " - I shoulda had a v8"! Laura

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