E-Learning, NOT Web-Page Templates!

I completely agree with wanting some included Menu buttons in the pre-fab button library. We typically create our own navigation buttons for each course set and this is one of the reasons why. We almost always include a Menu button in a course.I'll admit that I typically don't use the templates that come with Lectora, mainly because we usually create custom looks that match a client's look and feel. However, I think that saying, "the appropriate place for the navigation buttons is in the lower right" is a little too rigid. There are situations where navigation in the top right would be appropriate or, maybe even as Ben suggested, where you wouldn't have standard navigation buttons at all. It seems like Benson gave a presentation at a user conference a few years ago that actually argued for putting the buttons at the top. It would be nice though if the provided templates were a little more flexible. Perhaps the buttons in some of the templates could be free standing so you could move them around versus built-in hotspots that have to stay where they are.

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