Visited State


I want tabs to change color when it is visited.

I added transparent button but it is not working.



Discussion (3)

One thing you can do is have a 2nd set of the same buttons, but with different color.

1. have the 2nd set of buttons in the same place as the first set, but have them initially hidden

2. When you click on a button from the first set, have an action to hide 'this object', and another action to show the duplicate button from the 2nd set.

For the transparent button option:

1. Have a set of transparent buttons. For the 'fake' buttons, use shapes or text fields. Have the 1st set of objects initially visible, and the 2nd set initially hidden.

2. On the transparent button, have actions to show the content you want. Another action to hide the 1st set object, and another action to show the 2nd set object.


Your suggestion worked.

Just confirming - if I add visited tab action, does the content not reappear on clicking?

In my example it doesn't appear.



You can just copy/paste the actions you had on your original buttons onto the 'clicked' image buttons. (You will only need the hide group / show item actions)