1. I shared a course with another user via Reviewmyelearning.

2. However, the user is not happy to create an account to login to review the course.

3. Is there an alternate way to share course?

4. Also, he suggests Lectora Online Built-In review tool for the same. However, I am a Lectora desktop user.

5. How do I go about sharing my course?

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Publish to ReviewLInk, which has just gotten a new update. Once you log into ReviewLink, there is a fresh tutorial to guide you on how to use the tool, and send a notice to your reviewer. Your reviewers will be able to log their comments and even annotate screen caps of your project. They do not have to have Lectora in order to review.

Hi mmalhotra, actually has several ways to invite Reviewers without having them login.

1. At the top of the course's details page there is a toggle to turn off the requirement for Reviewers to login. They will still get the email invite (if you select that option) or you can copy and paste their links to send them yourself.

2. You can turn on the option to create a public invite. It will provide you a link that anyone can use to review your course. With this option we do ask them for their email address (so that can track who made which comment) but they will not need to login.

You can use eLearning Brothers' ReviewLink service. The user would only have to create an account in order to leave comments, which is not something I see a good way to avoid. However, she could email you comments without having to do anything except take the course