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1. In the attached file, I want it to a game.

2. A user reads the hint on each page, and clicks a particular location.

3. However, I am unable to gather thoughts on how to do this.

4. If not in game format, any alternate way to present this information.

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Easiest method would be to use Transparent Buttons. Add actions to those buttons (correct if they choose the correct location, other feedback for the others. Either use the standard display message option, or create your own correct/incorrect visuals. The transparent button style can take on different shapes, so you can play with that to find the best fit.

There are a lot of ways you can do this - either keep it all on one page, or multiple-page setup. In general, when they click on the correct area, you can run an action group to fire off a number of actions related to getting the question correct (like I set up for the Australia page), or have a group of objects initially hidden and have an action to show that group when the user clicks the correct item. You can do the same if you have distractor transparent buttons that are incorrect.

@cainam - Thank you for the suggestion. I have added transparent button but my creativity and logic is failing me.

I can't move beyond the step.

Could you show me feedback and transparent button for me, will follow it then.

@cainam - Superlike for this one. Few steps but lot of learning.

Thank you for your guidance.

Looking good. Once you create the setup for one question, you can essentially copy/paste for the next one. Just keep everything named consistently and consecutively to keep track of it all instead of using the same name for multiple resources. (e.g., "ques1", "ques2", "next question 1", "next question 2")Also when starting question 2, hide the feedback for answer 1 and reset the pose of Danielle, etc.

@cainam - I tried having all the questions in one page - Consolidated-fact finding.

Does it look fine?

In my opinion, the learning path is too easy. Simply move the mouse over the world map and wait until it becomes active. I would put a transparent button on the whole world map (with action - show message "WRONG Way"). The (correct) button is on Australia on the transparent button of the world map. This means that the learner always gets an error displayed on the entire map when clicking. Trial and error is certainly not a "real" learning !? Greetings from Germany. ekmud