In the attached course, I want a single audio to play across entire course in continuity.

What action do I add or where do I place the audio file so that it plays in continuity?



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What kind of audio is it? Is it a simple sound effect or background noise?

It is simple sound effect..I want it to run through the entire course in continuity.

Have embedded it in the file.

I do not believe you can have an audio clip play continuously from page to page because every page is just that, a new page that has loaded. You'll need to have the audio clip restart playing on every page.

How long is the clip? Why do you just restart on every page?

If you must absolutely positively have it start up at the exact same moment where it left off, you can do some wizardry but you'll still have a blip whenever the page refreshes.

For background audio to play continuously, after adding it on the Design tab (Project Level), you must publish with the Publish for Seamless Play option.

I added audio at each page. However, now the pages do not play in continuity.

At the start of each page, I have to click on below instruction. Kindly suggest.



Is this how it should be? Sharing two samples.