1. I Converted a shape to button.

2. However, now when I preview the button shows text as a mirror image.



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I do not see the mirror page? Everything looks normal.

@andrew-robertson - Just preview the course, and START appears as in the screenshot shared.

@mmalhotra-9265 I didn't download the file when I sent the message before making my statement as I was busy with something else, and I wanted to see the output before opening it anyways. Please be patient when volunteers like myself are answering questions for you.

It's the way you created your button. Click on the resize box icon along the right side of the Ellipse and drag it across itself. See screenshots below.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Final outcome:

@andrew-robertson - Thank you so much Andrew for your inputs.

I am not sure what am I doing wrong? I resized the image, even then the issue remains.

Kindly suggest.



@andrew-robertson, I was using V21. Involuntarily.

V19 broke, and ELB support had no solution except to reinstall. I didn't save the V19 installer and there was no obvious place to download it, so I just upgraded.

@mmalhotra-9265 , that's a bug in Lectora. I downloaded your sample and saw exactly what you saw.

If I select your Start button and go to the Position & Size tab of the Ribbon, and Flip Horizontal, it looks exactly the same in the editor, but now it doesn't reverse itself in Run or when published.

This pretty much has to be be a bug in the Lectora editor, and I suggest ELB download Malvika's sample and investigate.

Meanwhile, the Flip thing will let you finish your project.

@carlfink - ahh good to know. I am happy that I have reluctantly jumped on the v21. We are humming along right now and hesitant to change in the middle of a complete module rebuild/transition from Flash/HTML.

Odd, I was able to resolve it on my end with no problem in Lectora 19.