1. I have 5 German words that need to be translated to English.

2. User needs to click each of the german word to know its meaning.

3. This happens in continuity.

4. I tried, however, it is not working in continuity.

5. Kindly guide.



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Hi @mmalhotra-9265

The issue here is that when you click the NEXT button to show the next German word, it's covered by the translation #1. So if you rearrange the objects by moving each translation after each word it should work.

Also for the buttons, you need to hide the current one so that the next one shows. I renamed the buttons so that you know which one is which.

Please see Lectora Help here to learn more about Object Layering.


That seems to work, if that is what you are trying to achieve. You may want to position the 4 buttons at exact locations so that they appear to be a single button to the user.


Thank you Robert. Is this how it should be?