Review and Feedback


Request if the attached file can be reviewed from a user perspective.



Discussion (5)

Warning: blunt comments follow.

  • Leave more whitespace. The bullets should not touch the edge of the colored region. Text is much easier to read when you allow some space around it.

  • There are some spelling errors ("paes", "greenry", "tempeartures")

  • You can't go back on Page 1. If I want to look at Spring again, I have to reload the entire course.

  • You should probably have a transition for the changes on that page. Nothing fancy, just a quick wipe or fade. The instant changes that it uses now are jarring.

  • There are no winter vegetables? In my culture we would include hard squashes (which some people actually call "winter squash"), cabbage and kohrabi, parsnips, onions, and rutabagas (also known as yellow turnips).

  • Why do you decorate the top and bottom of the window with what looks like an athletic shoe sole pattern?

@carlfink - I have implemented all the above 4 pointers except bullet points.

I am facing issue with consistency of bullet points.



Yes, bullets are one of the weakest points of Lectora text. (Note to ELB: hint, hint!)

What is a better way to present information in bullets in this case?

Bullets are fine. I was just gently reminding eLearning Brothers that they need to improve the bullet capabilities of Lectora.