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Do we publish the file despite the error.

I am unable to identify the error, thus the issue.



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Is my understanding correct:

The error states you need to set the variable for AICC/SCORM modules. Can you add an action on the last page - on page show: Modify Variable: AICC_Lesson_Status Set Equal to: completed

I didn't look close enough to catch you were creating your own variable! Nice catch Tim - also, I haven't had to modify the AICC_Score with the few LMS's I've used, but that info might come in handy in a new LMS I'll be using in the near future. Thanks.

1. As Adam mentioned, you should change the type to "AICC and Scorm for LMS"

2. Use the reserved variable "AICC_Lesson_Status" that will appear in the list, when you've changed the type. It cannot be done with a user-defined variable.

3. Variable values are case-sensitive, AICC_Lesson_Status should be "completed".

4. In most LMS (I know) the score is more important than the status. You need another action to Modify "AICC_Score" and Set it equal to the score a user has achieved, e.g. 100.

hmm, on the Title options, do you have AICC/SCORM selected?

Thank you Timk and Cianam. This works.

Able to publish file.

I am still getting same issue.

Have another query:

What exactly do I upload onto LMS.

This is the folder, what do I upload and select as setting link in LMS.

Usually you would publish the AICC/SCORM in a zip file, and upload that to your LMS. Depends on your LMS, but you should upload the full published aicc folder.

Maybe I missed something, but the file to upload should be the "Industrial". You couldn't upload a folder and I suppose both folders are empty?

Which LMS do you use?

Thanks Adam. But which would the course link be? CRS file or which file?

Your LMS may be able to find the right file automatically - if you are publishing to scorm, try the imsmanifest.xml

Thanks Timk. I uploaded "Industrial".

Hi Adam,

What to select for AICC? I am using Learnshare LMS.



@ timk - I am using Learnshare LMS.