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Do we have concept of hover over in Lectora? Example: If I want to have fullform of KYC appear when a user hovers over the word?

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Yes - that would be the 'mouse enter' and 'mouse exit' Action (instead of 'mouse click')

I have used a lot of the mouse enter and mouse exit for every button where I want the user to see info when they put their mouse over an object and then remove it.

In this particular case I would add a transparent button over the top of the text field. Still have the text indicate there is an action associated with the text (e.g. making it blue/underlined), but have the transparent button over the top of it perform the action.

@cainam and @andrew-robertson - I am just getting option of Mouse Click.

Mouse enter and exit do not reflect as an option for the word "Document"

@mmalhotra-9265 The reason you are getting the only the MouseClick option is because you are applying an action to a textblock.

Doing what @cainam is suggesting where you use a physical button asset (albeit transparent) is the best way to go.

@cainam - This works. Thank Youuuu :)

You need to select the correct action and target. Right now you have: On MOUSE ENTER, GO TO Target, page KYC.

You should have: On MOUSE ENTER, SHOW, RECTANGLE. Then of course the opposite for the MOUSE EXIT action.

@ Cainam @andrew-robertson - Thankyou. But need help with the same.

1. Transparent button added.

2. Hover over content also added but the content isn't reflecting.