Publishing file to another site


I have this HTML file, that I want to upload to wordpress site.

How can I do that?



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I am trying to create an online portfolio Carl. As of now, am able to upload images.

So basically, I wanted to upload lectora/storyline courses on wordpress.


As a WordPress admin, I would put the HTML course on a different server (or the same server, but not as part of the WordPress site) and embed it on a WordPress page, but that's based on my guessing what you actually want to do. You might want to give more details.

I understand. Perhaps your best bet, if you control the WordPress site, would be to install an LMS extension to WordPress. My own portfolio links to courses on a (free) LMS, rather than storing the courses on the actual WordPress site.

@carlfink - Trying to figure that out. I tried Google sites but it is asking for card details, which I am not okay sharing.