Video Editing

1. I have few videos in MP4 format from the vendor.

2. I need to update all images in the videos.

3. How can I make changes to these videos?

4. I do not have Adobe, just have Camtasia.

5. Which software can be used?

6. Vendor will charge for the changes, thus will do it on my own.

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Our organization got a new branding, and the videos were delivered by vendor in middle of the changes.

To fix these entire videos with new branding (31 videos) seems a task.


I'm not positive exactly what your scenario is, but if you are trying to change the 'background' or template of the video, and everything else is happening on top of that template, then you may be looking at a full redo. If you can get the source files from the vendor, that might be your best bet, assuming you have the same software the vendor used to create the video so that you can edit.

Basically you are going to take the new images and overlay on top of the video - easy to do in Camtasia (video on lower track, new images on upper track for proper layering).

Techsmith offers tutorials on video editing with Camtasia.

If you need to update "all" of a video, you are making a new video. I recommend taking a course in video editing from a place like SkillShare or LinkedIn Learning, at your employer's expense.

You really need to get the source files from the vendor - could be a very simple swap/replacement of background graphic. If the vendor used Camtasia, get the that, if Premiere Pro, you would need to get a monthly subscription and learn the basics... otherwise you are likely looking at fully redoing the videos if you are using just the final mp4 output, or your company needs to be ok with the old branding for the 31 vids...

Not sure Adam.

In the images - one is with green horizontal lines, and I want to remove them and have blue vertical line.

How can I do that? Does Camtasia allow that?

Thank you Carl. I will ask for the login credentials from the vendor and the source files.

My department's contracts now specify that vendors must deliver the source files along with the completed MP4, for this exact reason. If we notice that one of the people in the video is wearing the wrong type of protective gloves or something and have to swap a two-second video clip, we can just do it, not have to re-engage a consultant at great expense and delay for that trivial job.

The vendor used Adobe Premier and After effects..and I do not have those softwares

Those are the most common programs used to create professional (but not cinema-quality) video, at least here in the USA. (I have no idea what is used in China or Japan, for instance.) I don't like them, but I have been forced to learn how to use Premiere because my vendors also use it.

I am not aware of any other programs that can work with Adobe-created projects. You have the choice of getting Adobe Premiere (you probably would not need AfterEffects) and learning to use it, or paying a vendor to make the changes you need. The only other option would be starting from scratch and making the video using a different software package. There are perfectly usable free ones, like OpenShot, but to my knowledge they can't import Adobe-created files.

The vendor used Adobe Premier and After effects..and I do not have those softwares

Lot of Adobe is used for high level video based videos in Asian regions.

Not sure exactly what type of company you are working for, but it is possible that someone else in your company in media/Marketing would have those softwares/skills - just a thought.

Right Adam. I have asked IT to help me find somebody who has the software.

Half of the media stuff is outsourced but still taking chances.