Virtual Training - Quiz


1. A trainer is conducting a virtual training on Microsoft Teams.

2. And wants to have a quiz at the end of the training for people to attempt.

3. Which is a good method to create a quiz? Format?

Discussion (4)

It really depends on what your requirements are (do you needs results recorded in an LMS, etc.). But if you have Office 365, maybe use Microsoft Forms? They have a survey option and a quiz format option. There are a lot of options - again it depends on what the requirements are surrounding the need...

If you want it all tied up in the LMS, then you could create a test (that has a certificate at the end), but assign it to folks while they are in the webinar. (someone monitor the attendance - assign test in the LMS, and have teacher announce when time to open LMS and take the test?)

@cainam - We basically want to have knowledge check done at the end of the webinar.

1. Results recorded in LMS - How do I go about that?

2. Microsoft teams forms? This is doable.

3. And, how can a user get a certificate after going through knowledge check.

To amplify what Adam wrote, you would create a quiz using some product like Lectora. Depending on your LMS, you might be able to post a "deep link" directly to the quiz in the webinar chat. I know that's possible in our own LMS, SAP/Success Factors.