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Why is the page 'Break The Ice' not working in the attached file.

Also, run action group doesn't seem to appear. What needs to be corrected?



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Malvika, you never set a correct answer to the question, so Submit does not know what to do. Edit the question and list some correct answers.

Fill in questions are very hard to use. The right answer could be "Start a conversation" or "Be the first one to talk". I suggest that you are better off with a multiple choice, if you need a question here.

Your action group "Group 2" is null, it does nothing. More specifically, it says:

When I am shown, my actions are to

1)Show Group 1

2)Hide Group 1

So it shows 1, then hides it again immediately before anyone can see the change.

Group 1 is not initially hidden, so it does not need to be "shown" in any case.

Malvika, the action on Your Answer is only triggered when you click on it. It's "OnMClkChange", meaning that when you click the mouse on that object, it changes something.

Then it changes the question, not the contents of the actual text box.

Worse, the action is on the Your Answer text box, meaning the person would have to click there. Why would the student click on the text box?

I'm a trainer. I don't want to just solve it for you. You should be learning how this works.

So, here is a prompt: when do want the action to trigger? To put it a different way: when should the contents of "Your Answer" change?

@carlfink - Thank you for your feedback.

I rectified few actions, and frame seems partially complete.

Not sure why 'Your Answer' doesn't reflect. Could you guide me on that.



@carlfink - The content of 'Your Answer' should appear on clicking SUBMIT button.

That is how action has been set.

No, that is not how it's set. Look at your image. The action is attached to the Your Answer text box, not to the Submit button. It will happen when someone clicks the text box, which they would never think to do.

@carlfink - The content in 'YOUR ANSWER' should change as per the content in question short answer box. That is how action has been set up.



@mmalhotra-9265 Please reread @carlfink posts. He has already told you the issue that is wrong with your course and has explained why its not working. You need to make the changes.

@mmalhotra-9265 , it seems as if you aren't comfortable using actions. Here you have an OnShowChange action attached to the Submit button that changes the contents of Question 1 to ... the Question 1 variable.

Why would you do that? What does it accomplish? Note also that you change the contents to something else and then immediately hide the question, so no one can see it anyway.

Actions have Targets. The "target" is the thing that changes--whether you change the contents, or the position, or visibility. At least for this Idioms lesson you're working on, you seem to get in trouble by picking the wrong Target. Think about it: what are you actually trying to change?

On a more fundamental level, I still think fill-in is the wrong type of question to use.

I seem to have hit a roadblock with this course :)

Attached is the course.



@carlfink - What alternate question type do you suggest?

I have removed HIDE QUESTION option from SUBMIT button. In that case, why do I need YOUR ANSWER box.

If I had to use that question, I'd say multiple choice. I would also suggest you engage a writer.

You don't need YOUR ANSWER at all. That is actually a really good point, which I was hoping you would catch -- why not just let the question continue to show their response? What is the learning advantage to moving the same text to a different part of the screen? How does it help the student? Those are the questions that need to be in your mind.

Note to ELB managers: have you noticed that this forum software is now adding a linefeed after HTML tags? It's really annoying.

@carlfink - What alternate question type do you suggest?

I have removed HIDE QUESTION option from SUBMIT button. In that case, why do I need YOUR ANSWER box.



@carlfink - Could you guide me on what do you mean by 'Engage a writer'?

Hire someone who is a professional writer (in the language your students will be reading it in). I mean no offense, but if you are writing for an English-speaking audience, you have to make the language "feel natural" to the reader. I wouldn't try to write for an audience that speaks Indian English. I speak American English, and there are differences.

When I created materials in Spanish, I wrote a rough draft in Spanish. I have some knowledge of Spanish, but I am not fluent. Therefore, for a Mexican audience, I had a Mexican colleague review the materials to help me get the exact words correct.

I later found out that the Spanish spoken in Mexico is different from the Spanish of Chile. Chilean students found the lesson hilarious (very funny). For instance, the Mexican word used for "tank" (as in, a large container of liquid) was "vasija". In Chile, that's "toilet bowl".

I'm not any kind of language learning expert. My background is in biology, filtration, information technology, and now the utility business. (I have had several jobs in very different roles.) As I said, when I have needed language expertise, I got a native speaker to help me.

Maybe read American books?

@carlfink - Could you guide on how can I focus on improving american english.

The elearning organizations in India want Instructional Designers to have command over american english.