Slider - Not working

Why is the preview of the course not working either in Lectora file or html?



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Slider isn't working. Why so?

In general, if anyone sees a blank page on Publish/Preview, this usually means the page has crashed in the browser. Open your browser's Developer Tools and look in the Console tab for red error messages. There you will see messages that explain why the browser did not load the page properly. There might be access issues to a domain on another server, files not found that the LMS or web server is blocking, or other errors caused by something in the course. You might see messages from Lectora's javascript or the course's HTML files. These usually mean something in the course is causing the code to crash, it doesn't mean you have found a bug in the software.

There is always a chance you have found a bug, but 97% of the time, there is something in your course design that is causing the issue. So, some troubleshooting is necessary on the Lectora user's part.

In the course provided, the two actions on the Slider object is causing the crash. I assume these actions want to move the object called "Slider", a ball overlaying a tub shape representing the area the ball should slide along. But you didn't select the "Slider" object to move in the Action's Target field, you left it the default which is the first object in the course, a text file called "Additional Fonts" containing font information. The course is crashing because you are trying to move something that isn't even a visible object on the page, a file object. This is a good example of the course crashing, but not due to a bug in the software, but due to a "bug" in the design of the course.

Change the target object to "Slider" and your page will load without crashing. When you click the Slider object, it will move Unfortunately, it is moving vertically down the page and you want horizontal. So, you need to fix the X,Y values as your slider should move horizontally, not vertically.

Having two actions doing the same thing, one with a condition, one without is probably a bad practice and will possible conflict with each other.

@jholland - Thanks a bunch. The bug was indeed in how I designed the course.

Have made few changes, just check once.

@jholland - Request if you can review the slider file once.


Request if anybody can guide me on how to go about working on slider.