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1. I am an instructional designer with experience in authorizing tools like Vyond and Lectora.

2. I wish to build an online portfolio.

3. Is there a free site/domain that I can build my portfolio.



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My portfolio was built in WordPress:

I don't know if it's worth your trouble to learn WordPress, unless web design is part of your development plan for yourself. LearnHere happens to be on my own web server, but I already had a web server, I didn't get one just to host my portfolio.

There are lots of free services to host your portfolio, notably Google Sites and

As for domains: I bought for about USD $20/year.

Just for fun, I checked. As I write this, is USD $8 to register, then $9 per year to maintain.

This question is not specifically about Lectora, so you might want to repost it in the Green Room forum.

@carlfink - It is funny question..but to start with I am thinking about topics to work on.

What topics do I use for creating videos in Vyond?



I am trying googlesites as of now.

What are you good at explaining? Vyond can be used for many, many topics. I'm a science guy in my heart, when I have created lessons for examples in the past, I've mostly done science topics. You could do anything from "How to create educational video" to "How my family celebrates Holi" to "How to sew a patch on a pair of trousers" to "Why we shouldn't be teaching children to play football" (or "How to be a supporter of a football team").

My father fought in World War Two, and I used his experiences for a lesson once. Why not do a family story, or a story from your own life? ("This is how I met Aakin, my best friend.")

I have also created a few videos (not using Vyond) for YouTube, like this one:

In that case, I was taking existing audio and adding visuals to it. (I did two videos for that channel as a favor to the creators, I am not responsible for the actual content and take zero credit for it.) If there's a story you like in audio form, you could use Vyond to illustrate it.

If you don't feel inspired, you could watch random YouTube videos and see if something in your feed comes up, that you think you could do a better job on--or something you disagree with, and you want to explain why.

@carlfink - Thanks a bunch..I am taking Mental Health Awareness to start with.

Will share the video once I conclude.

Well, since you asked ....

You could literally make this in PowerPoint. You aren't really showing off your skills there. I'd want to add some interactivity, and also probably some audio and/or video if it was going to be in my portfolio.

Little things I noticed:

  • There is no obvious way to exit. You get to the last page and ... what do you do? Next is disabled, but it's good practice to have a button labeled "Exit" on a page that says something like, "You have completed the course." Otherwise, the student is left wondering if he should be doing something else.

  • This looks like a toggle button to me:. I wanted to click on it and see what it turned on.

@carlfink - Can I upload this example on my portfolio page.

Others, will follow.

Trying to build a portfolio, so seeking your thoughts.

I can only say that I, personally do like to have a page at the end that says, "You have completed this ...."

@carlfink - I added Exit button. Do i need to mention somewhere that course has been completed?

Also, have removed toggle buttons.



@carlfink - You are right. This is not reflecting any skill. Not even worth PPT.

@carlfink - My draft at creating an online portfolio.



just review Sample page.

@carlfink - Any feedback?

@carlfink - Is this file presentable?

I opened the file and clicked the Next button, which ended the course. The Play button is not required, or very visible. It's white on a white background with light grey outlines. In Lectora, it would be pretty simple to make the Next button start the video, and then change the function after the video has played so Next actually takes you to the next page.

Did you make the video? Because if you're trying to showcase your skills, "I can make a video file play," is not going to impress most potential employers/clients. "I can make a video" is far more impressive.

Do you want to be a technical developer, or instructional designer/course creator? You aren't creating a course here. It's just a video. A course would be interactive. A course would probably have an assessment. That's fine if you want the purely-technical role--is that your plan?

Sorry about the delay, I was out of the country, and then I caught COVID-19.

I completely agree with you about Google Sites. I actually took a class in portfolio-making. The instructor recommended Google Sites, but I did it in WordPress instead.

If that piece was meant to showcase the video (which is good), you should probably make that clear. I still say that if you're showing off your ability to design courses, document it as a course. You mention the design document, for instance -- include that in the portfolio. Is there a storyboard? Show that. Do you have a standard questionnaire you use for clients? Mention that. Seem professional!

State the customer problem you received, and show how you came to use a video as your solution, and how you built it.

Tell the client what it would be like to work with you!

@carlfink - Trust you are doing better now.

I created the video BUT had no way to share it as MP4 file. Does video work fine?

I am more of an instructional designer and less of technical developer. I like content creation more than technical development.

Creating design document and solutioning is more fun to me than any software.



@carlfink - Also, was trying my hands at portfolio creation. Googlesites sure has its limitations.

@carlfink - noted Carl. Let me buy a domain name for wordpress, and figure that out.

@carlfink - On another note, is there a forum where I can contribute with my Instructional Designing skills.

Not a freelancing project exactly but something to keep me more in touch with my content development skills.

@mmalhotra-9265 , you mean aside from this?

I would suggest you join a professional organization. I, for example, belong to the Learning Guild. Obviously, I know America-based groups, since that's where I live, but I'm sure whatever region you live in (Pune?) has more than one, because that's what human beings do--we form groups. (I think of Pune because in my previous job I worked with developers based in Pune.)

A trick for people at the beginning of their careers is to do a short-term job as a volunteer. Create an online course for (to make something up) a blood bank, that they actually put on their web site. This gives you a great "show piece" you can point potential clients to, as well as some practice with an actual client. And since you are volunteering, they won't be too hostile or critical! It lets you practice, not only your technical skills, but the required "how to talk to a client" skills, which are harder to learn for most people.

@carlfink - Is there a storyboard or design document that I can prepare for you?

I am not looking for any monetary gains but practicising skills.

@carlfink - I will take note of that, and join any community.

I'm actually an instructional designer myself ... meaning I do that work. I am a salaried full-time employee, and my company would not approve my sending work outside the organization, except to approved vendors.