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How can we do something like this in Lectora.



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If you are looking for the syntax to show the value of a variable, use the VAR() command. So in your example, replace the %Name% with VAR(Name).

If I'm tracking with what you are saying, you can use an Entry Field, get user to enter their answer for each, then when showing the results above, have separate text fields (4 total). For the 2 items you want to display the user results, use the Change Contents action. Target your text placeholder, then under Value, select the variable associated with the Entry Field you originally used to obtain the information from the user.

From where do I get this Text Variable?

I want the content I enter in page 1, should appear in page 2.

Thought it would be easiest to just record a vid while I was updating your .awt file (attached):


@Thank you Adam. You make it look easy.

Grateful for the help.