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Why is content not visible on clicking.



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The content you want to show is either layered behind the buttons, or the buttons have the checkbox marked 'always on top' while the content you are showing does not, or a combination of the two. An easy fix would be to add an action to one of the buttons, then copy/paste it to the others. (On click, hide: this object). That will hide the buttons to show the extra info.

You can remove your 2nd action on each button to 'hide group_1'. (just one way to do this). If you want to click the main button, then show the details once and have that stay visible, then this is how you would do it.

If instead you wanted to just mouse enter and show the details, then when you mouse exit it shows the title again, then you would add a 3rd item to the set. So a:

1. weather title

2. weather text

3. weather transparent button.

All the actions would go on the transparent button. Enter the transparent button show the text, exit the transparent button hide the text.

Hi Adam

I implemented the below:

a. Removed "Always on Top' option.

b. Added hide button to each button.

However, content appears and when I click another button, it disappears.

What is that action by which we ensure that all content stays on the screen instead of fading.

Adam, your first approach of 'Hide Text' action works fine.

For second option, it is not working for me. In Risk Factor - Part 2, as attached in the file.



check this one out -

Perfect :smile: