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How do I publish a course having QR code?



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Carl, I just wanted to learn the functioning of QR code concept in Lectora.

Everything around is a lot about QR code, thus asked :)

Malvika, what do you want this QR code to do? If you want to create a QR link that opens the course, that's up to your LMS/LRS/web server, not part of Lectora. Lectora has no way to know what URL it is going to be assigned, and in fact it can have multiple addresses at the same time if published to multiple servers.

Alright. Thanks Tim.


I don't think there's a specific QR code concept in Lectora. A QR code is just a printable hyperlink.

Lectoras QR code generator turns the entered URL into an image that can be read with a QR code scanner on a phone or tablet. There's no connection to the currently opened title and it'll work with any URL. So if you wanted to print ads for your course you can enter the URL of the course and use the image in your design.

I used it a lot to make it easier for me to open a course on the phone for testing by keeping the images somewhere on my desktop and scanning it to easily get to my LMS, my own testing URLs, or to ReviewLink

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