Video - Mandatory


1. In the attached file, there is splash screen.

2. Wherein, user automatically goes to next screen (without clicking NEXT button).

3. There is video in one of the pages.

4. In the existing setting, user is able to skip the video - and go to the next page.

5. Is there a way that I can ensure that user views the video before going to NEXT page.

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Malhotra, in L19 the splash screen plays 6 words of audio, then stops, then a video is display and immediately disappears again.

It looks as if you didn't make any effort to time things. The easy way to do that is to use "On Done Playing" actions to advance to the next stage, instead of what you seem to have, "On Show", which will happen instantly.

Agreeing with @timk. You can do it from the video editor, but the other way is much easier for your purpose.

Hi Timk,

I have been partially able to do it. However, under "Action and Target" section, I guess I am selecting incorrect option.



You are right Carl.

However, I am unable to locate "On Done Playing" action, screenshot below.



Hi Carl,

This is what I am trying to do with your approach, kindly guide.



Your screenshot shows the video editor that can be used to set events which will then trigger the selected action.

If you add an action to the video object in the title explorer, you'll be able to select "On: Done Playing" as the trigger.

Malvika, in your "partially able" comment above, you're telling the video to play, then show itself. If it's playing, it is already showing, so showing itself won't do anything.

What it should do is play, then two actions:

  1. Hide itself

  2. Show the next item in the sequence.

Of course, the next item should be hidden until this action shows it.

Thank you Carl. You are a big help.