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Could you suggest me a video editing tool.

The recording needs to be edited. In the beginning we waited for people to join, in the middle we took a break of 10-15 minutes.

The information is confidential, thus am apprehensive of using free online available tools. Could you suggest me any.

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Hi, Malvika!

It depends a lot on the characteristics of your project. Without having details, I recommend the following:

  • Shotcut - Open source (kind of) easy to use video editing software

  • Blender - It's for 3D but it's also open source and includes a good video editor

  • Adobe Premiere Rush - It's easy to use

  • iMovie - If you're on Mac

  • Adobe AfterEffects

And here you can find other options:

I hope this info is useful for you.


What about the video editing tool in Lectora?

@mmalhotra-9265, If you look at your screen capture above, in the middle of the Ribbon in the Edit section is "Video". That is a video editor that comes as part of Lectora. That's what @"Christie Calahan" was referring to.

I happen to like the completely free (and Free) Avidemux for simple edits like the one you mentioned.

Hi Christie,

I don't think I have access to Camtasia? If this is what you are suggesting.



Makes sense Carl. Let me clean my drive, and then try.

Hi Christie,

Th file size at my end is 83 MB, and Lectora is not accepting this video.

I believe file size is a problem.

Also, i get the message on trying to upload "There is not enough space on the disk".

Any guesses on what I need to do correctly.

83mb is tiny. The problem is exactly what the message is telling you: your disk is full. When you add a video file to a Lectora course (which is not uploading, it's adding), a copy of it is made. There isn't room for the copy on your computer.


1. Its a webinar in MP4 format that I need to edit and trim.

2. Editing the names of attendees appearing in the webinar, and trimming the breaks that appear in webinar.

3. Office laptop doesn't allow download of any unpaid softwares. (and the free ones on personal laptops come with watermark).

4. If i need to buy, which one is economical and value for money - DaVici Resolve, Adobe Premiere, Shotcut Or filmore? Any other suggestions.

5. In Lectora, I could trim the video but not crop the images of attendees in the webinar.


Any update on the video editing tool?

I use Camtasia - great tool for the money

If you are doing webinar screen captures, I think Camtasia is going to be your best tool. DaVinci, Premiere have more actual video footage filters/color correction where if all you need is to crop, add callouts, zoom in & Out Camtasia is made for that.

I've used Wondershare Filmora. It's a powerful video editor and a great value.