Template Change


1. I am using a template to create a course.

2. However, now I want to change the template.

3. Is there a way that existing template can be changed with new one?

4. Content and images remain same. No change in that part.

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Hey, Malvika - are you using Lectora? Here's some information on making changes to template features in Lectora (from our KnowledgeBase): https://knowledgebase.elearningbrothers.com/change-the-animation/transitions-in-the-lectora-templates


Is template change possible?

Hi Rich,

I meant:

1. I created few courses using blank lectora template.

2. Now, I want to change the existing blank template to another one.

3. Is that possible.

4. Or else, I would have to recreate the courses as per new template. It will be time consuming.

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