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In the attached file, I want user to enter his understanding of an idiom, and then actual answer shows up as comparison.

Reference file:


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1. Create your question

2. submit button

3. action group to hide the question/submit button, and show a group with your results.

4. have a text block, with action on it to change the contents and put in the answer results.

Made a quick one-page example attached.

@carlfink Bravo for suggesting keyboard triggers. That's an important best practice for authoring for accessibility, and if you build it into your process and testing it adds very little overhead.

A minor point, but I might put an alternate way to trigger the action group when the student presses Enter. I'm a keyboard person.

If you haven't done this before, those actions are added to the page.

It doesn't look like you have enabled the question Feedback. Once you click the checkbox to enable feedback, then the feedback would need to be to run the Action Group.

@cainam - Why is it not working for me?


Here you go. This makes Ctrl-B mean "Go to previous page."

@carlfink - Can you given me a screenshot example?

I have hardly worked on accessibility courses.

Right Adam. I have now enabled feedback, it now works.

Only thing that still doesn't work is the correct answer and your answer doesn't reflect.

Do we have correct answer also added somewhere.

For the action on 'Your answer - text', it should execute "on show" instead of on mouse click. That'll solve that one. For the Correct answer - text, you can just type that in manually yourself. that should do it!