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I have created quizzes in the attached file, have added SUBMIT button.

However, am unable to add NEXT and BACK button. Basically, quiz works as incomplete.



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Hi, Malhotra,

You appear to have not created a test, just put questions in a normal "section" object. It's recommended to use the Lectora test item (inserted from the Test and Survey tab).

As an experiment, I added a Next button to your first question and it worked normally. (Lectora 19)

Hi Carl,

I tried but my inheritance tab seems to be blank, nothing can be included or excluded.

Kindly suggest what needs to be corrected.



I think I know what I did wrong - (just confirm) - I should have added TEST and SURVEY. At the moment, I have added just pages.

@mmalhotra-9265 , that sounds right to me.

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